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Why Every Designer Should Have a Portfolio

Every designer should be able to showcase what he possesses as an artist and what are his edges from thousands of designers around the globe. Hence, every designer has a portfolio for it is as important as or even more important than a resume. A portfolio is a demonstration of one’s technical and graphical expertise and talent which can be reviewed, assessed and compared to the work of other designers. It is the basis of clients whether to hire you for a project or not.

Having a design portfolio is a must especially for those who have an online business. With the vastness of the business world these days, you really need to outshine others. Of course there are lots of things to consider when making your own portfolio but prior to that we need to know the reasons why every designer should have a portfolio.

1. A way to show your skills.

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A client will never know where you’re good at. Your portfolio will show them in what particular field you excel may it be in logo designing, web designing,photography and many other fields.Hence, we should make sure that one look at our portfolio,one will immediately know what services you could offer them.

2. A way to know your personality.

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One’s personality is also important for the client. Without you noticing it, you are actually telling others who you really are through your portfolio. This is important because some clients are particular with a designer’s personality knowing that it greatly affects their projects.

3. A way to know what you have achieved.

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It is not easy to show others what you have achieved because sometimes, you’ll sound like bragging. Using your portfolio won’t make you appear a show-off but rather, it will make you look good to the clients. This is the perfect way to showcase awards and recognitions you received. Clients prefer those who have proven their wit.

4. Offers evidence of your work.

evidence of work
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Through your portfolio, others will see your works and will be able to determine if you are the type of designer they are looking for. You won’t have a hard time convincing clients ‘coz they’ll be the one who’ll offer you a job especially if they’ll see your excellent projects. Your work could show your proven skills and what work you are capable of doing.

5. It displays your working potentials.

working potentials
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It reflects your potential to offer quality and professional services in the projects that you will work on. A good portfolio will show that clients can totally depend on you to work for them and that you will never fail them.

6. It appeals to visual learners.

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Merely by looking at your portfolio, you can share information visually. 60% of us are visual learners, 30% are auditory learners, and 10% are kinesthetic learners. So, sharing info through your portfolio will be very effective because it caters to a larger percentage of people. Make sure that you’ll give a positive visual impact.

7. Builds trustworthiness in your business.

builds trust
(Image: Eduard Titov )
With your works displayed and the feedbacks of your clients shown, you could build trust from new clients. For sure they’ll consider your previous projects and what your previous clients can say about you.Your portfolio also shows how ready you are to take the job. It shows your work ethics and your passion to work on certain projects which gives a constructive impact to the clients.


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