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What can destroy your creativity?

Artistic creativity has its fine moments and rough moments. Not every day will be a splendid one for the creative person. One some days there could be a creative clutter. Thoughts would not just stream in. And there would seem to be a big creative block in the head.

Creativity is like a candle that needs to be burning. Only if you are passionate about a creative profession should you take it up. Passion is the only motivation for creative professionals to survive in the creative world.So what are the creativity destroyers? What kills creativity? Here are some.

Taking a creative profession as a job, and not as a passion

When you are in a creative profession, the more you do it as a job, the more you will feel it like a chore. A chore becomes monotonous. And monotony is the nemesis of creativity. You need to inspire yourself everyday about your goals. Ask yourself, “Why am I in this profession?” “Why did I choose it?” “What were my dreams, inspirations, and aspirations?”

Asking yourself such questions will get you back forgotten answers and rekindles the dormant passion that you once had.

Becoming creative only for money

When you work in a creative field only for money, then money starts inspiring you more. A creative person is creative for life. He or she always looks for ways to express their true self. If you stop becoming materialistic, and start becoming more creative, all the by-products will follow. Most creative professionals are dissatisfied with the success levels of a creative profession. That’s why passion is so important to drive the creative professional to strive on.

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